We’re moving! Well, our blog is! Maybe!

Well, I am thinking about it anyways!  LOLwe are moving

Before I had this blog, I had a WIX site for my consulting business.  I liked the simplicity of the page design and posting.  But, there were limitations, SEO, plugins etc.  (You know, the things that give you flexibility and scalability!)

That’s when I heard about WordPress.  The people I spoke with said, “Bill pack up your website and head on over to WordPress!  That’s where you need to be!”  (Ok, so all the while I was typing that, I heard the theme song to the Beverly Hillbillies playing in my head!)Hillbillies

So, I packed it up and headed for the hills!  But, you could say, “I went off half cocked” (That was a “Granny” reference, by the way!) because I had no idea that there were two WordPress’s (.COM and .ORG)! So, low and behold, here I am again, stuck in a rut!

I need your help! (Come on, I know you wanna help!)

Who did you get to host your site?

Are you “self-hosted” and if so, what helped make that decision? Was it SEO or E-Commerce, or plugins?

I am leaning toward BlueHost, but I am still doing my research and trying to get the most bang for the buck!


The biggest thing I am worried about is losing all of my followers!  I love all 268 of you!

Thank you in advance for all of your help!  -Bill





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  1. I use Name Cheap. I used them to register my domains a while ago, so figured I would host there too. I was able to figure out how to move all of my followers to . org, but you do loose all of your likes. Comments move over as well.

    It took me a few days to get the plugins to work like I wanted. Now all my content is mine though-not WordPress’s! Plus I can advertise how I like. There are not random WordPress ads that I may not like.

  2. I’m not self-hosted. I did purchase the WordPress plan to avoid advertising, get a better URL, increase disk space and not have to worry about any of the technical stuff. I mainly look at my blog as an ongoing poetry and prose writing platform for any future book that might come out of it. It doesn’t make any direct income.

  3. My blog started as a distraction. It turned into quite a bit more than that now. And eventually I would not mind monetizing it and possibly making a little income from it. But, I am long ways from there. Thanks for your comments and for following my blog!

  4. That’s cool! I need to check out name cheap! Did you watch a YouTube video or something on how to get your flowers to transfer over? Thanks for the great information and for following my blog!

  5. I actually read the step by step directions on WordPress.org. They have walk throughs and help forums. Name Cheap can also help with email set up, domain forwarding, etc.

  6. Yeah I figured out how to do the domain forwarding this afternoon but as far as being able to transfer your followers that’s what I need to find out about! Thanks again! Bill

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