We loved Cozumel…

Except for the cabs, don’t get in the cabs! The cab ride was nostalgic, we rode in a small Datsun, circa 1960 something, with 4 doors, no a/c and the window knobs were missing,  with the windows rolled up (of course)!  A small car, to say the least, for 5 grown (some more than others) adults!

Cozumel is the only city in the world where the first thing I did when exiting the cab was to kiss the ground and thank the good Lord for a safe arrival, despite the best intention of the cab driver!  To be “fare” though, pun intended, they get paid by how many trips they make from the port to Puerta Maya.  Which translates, to passing on the left, passing on the right, running red lights, and almost running over the poor tourist who thought it wise to walk!

Once my heart settled back into normal rhythm, we began our day by strolling around and enjoying the shops. The shops were full of bright and beautiful arts, crafts and Denise’s favorite part jewelry stores!

I should pause to add a small travel tip here.  Don’t forget to notify your banks and credit card companies that you are leaving the country.  Otherwise, you will find yourself, as we did, having to use the limited amount of cash we brought ashore.

The shop owners were very friendly.  Almost too friendly, offering shots of free tequila! This was a common practice!  My guess, it loosens up the wallets of the tight tourist!

There was no shortage of things to do while you are ashore.  The cruise lines offer shore excursions and caution you against finding your own excursion. Remembering our cab ride, I should tell you that you can, and probably should rent your own vehicle for the day! There are multiple “rides” to choose from, including dune buggies, jeeps and one I don’t recommend, the scooters (if you do choose the scooters, watch out for the cab drivers!) and create your own excursion!

Everything on the cruise was handicap accessible.  Cruise lines go out of their way to make your trip not only comfortable but memorable.  Except for actually going on the beach, I was able to navigate with my scooter without issue.  So, go and enjoy, life is for the living!

Well, I have rambled enough for now.  Thank you so much for following my blog. Leave a comment below if you like.

Let me share with you the most important thing I have discovered.  Where ever you go, whatever you see, share it with others!  Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses, to share a smile with a stranger, a meal with friends and build memories together that will last a lifetime!

All photographs in this post were taken by the author, Bill McQueen, amateur photographer, food enthusiast and sometimes traveler.

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