Take a walk on the wild side…

The Wheel of Death!  More Renaissance Festival fun from days gone by!

This guy takes the statement “let’s take a walk” to the extreme and while he is at it, he jumps rope… just for the fun of it!

For those of you who think that jumping rope on the Wheel of Death is not thrilling enough, he is also known to juggle hatchets while he takes his stroll!  (maybe that’s where it got the name from!)

For those of you who are interested in attending this year, you can check out their website by clicking on this link… 2017 Bay Area Renaissance Festival

More fun photos from the RenFen can be seen in my previous posts, Bay Area Renaissance Festival Memories and When life throws a bowl of spaghetti at you… juggle it!

No, this is not a paid advertisement, but rather an endorsement of a worthy travel destination. A fun weekend getaway in your own backyard.  Don’t live in or near the Tampa, Florida area, they have these amazing festivals all over the United States!

Let me share with you the most important thing I have discovered.  Where ever you go, whatever you see, share it with others!  Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses, to share a smile with a stranger, a meal with friends and build memories together that will last a lifetime!

All photographs in this post were taken by the author, Bill McQueen, amateur photographer, food enthusiast and sometimes traveler.

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