Sometimes you fall down…

falling down

And, sometimes you just need a different perspective.

I can remember a year ago last January, right after my amputation, my fight kicked in.  I wasn’t going to slow down or take it easy, I had a new lease on life and I was going to take advantage of it.

I was driving a day or two after coming home from the hospital.  I was taking my scooter apart (it is supposed to come apart!) and throwing it in the trunk of my car, one piece at a time and the hopping to the driver’s door to get in.

Let’s be honest, it was too much, too soon.

I fell a lot in those first few months. And, I discovered a lot, while on the ground.  I wouldn’t change a thing if I could. I needed to fall, so I could pick myself up and get back up and do it all again.

Believe me, it only takes falling on your “stump” once, for you to “learn” other ways to fall, more gracefully! And, you know practice makes perfect, so I had to fall a few more times to make sure I got it right! LOL

Some would say that success lies in not falling.

I would say that true success comes from falling down and getting back up. Learning why you fell, enables you to avoid the circumstance. Learning how to avoid the circumstance, enables you to avoid the repeat performance.  Success in my humble opinion can be measured by the lessons you learned while you are on the ground and having the wisdom not to repeat the performance.





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