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I started my blog as a hobby!

It would be, a way to share my photos with the world and to share experiences of my travels.  But, it has become so much more than that to me. In January of 2016, I had my left leg amputated below the knee. I have to say; having my leg amputated was a blessing for me! I had struggled most of my life with limited mobility, but having my leg amputated, amplified those issues for me! Now, my blog could be a way to share with others my Amputee Travel.

Taking a break! My amputee travels.

Okay, you caught me taking a break! But, in my defense, that is one long boardwalk!  LOL

How do I…

Now, I had to think about things like, how was I going to get up from a chair? How would I get into bed and for that matter, out of bed? How could I get in the shower? Where could we stop to use a restroom? Would the restrooms be accessible? If we went to a historic town, would I be able to navigate the streets and enjoy the experience? These were small things, which I never had to think about before.

A match made in heaven…

So, I decided to combine my love of travel and handicap accessibility along the way! To share my experiences of my Amputee Travel.  My motto for travel has always been, “know before you go” and now, you can! I have never let my handicap “disable me, ” and I am not about ready to now! Let the adventures begin! (Well on weekends, during the holidays and spring break anyways!) LOL

Where do I want my blog to go? 

It occurred to me the other day while reading posts in Amputee Groups on Facebook, that I should include the stories of other amputees! I mean, why not let others share their adventures of others Amputee Travel? I’m sure that there are others like me who love to travel and do! I want my blog, to be an inspiration for amputees to get up and get out there and conquer! The only boundaries exist in your mind, if you did it before your amputation, you could do it now, maybe even better! 

Remember, our goal here is to inspire others, and to help them “know before they go!” 

(Inspiration and Information!)

Amputee Travel - Sky Diving

DIVING IN: Amputee Korrin Barrett yesterday tried skydiving with Sunshine Coast Skydivers and today will do a shark dive at Underwater World Sea Life Mooloolaba.

How can you help? Share your Amputee Travel Adventures!

How would you like to be a guest blogger on my blog? Do you have a story of your travels you would like to share? Where did you go? What did you do while you were there? Was it handicap friendly? Do you have photos from your excursions? Then, why not share? It’s FREE!

We get stronger, as we give

I am a strong believer that we get stronger as we give to others. As we share our experience, strength, and hope, it gives others the strength and hope needed to get out of themselves and reach new heights. 

Yeah, you can do that.

Do you have a disability (amputation or otherwise) and still go horseback riding, hiking, biking, skiing, boating, fishing, sightseeing, cruising, swimming or any one of hundreds of other activities? I urge you to let your story be the spark that lights the “fire of desire”, in the heart of another like yourself.

If you are interested, contact me here!

Be sure to put “guest blogger” in the subject line. Include a brief description of your Amputee Travel (where you went, when you went, what you did while you were there, photos, etc and a brief bio) and your contact information.

 Guest Blogger Guidelines

  1. A brief bio (short version)
  2. Links to your personal website/blog and main social media accounts.
  3. Title – Short, Snappy, an attention getter
  4. Make it fun, exciting, blog content should be 300-600 words, Please send the article as an attached Word Document or in the body of your email.
    1. Where did you go? Give links to your destination’s web pages (ex. if you went to Aruba and stayed at a specific resort, provide the link to that resorts web page)
    2. What did you do while you were there? Provide links to specific activities. (ex. if you went zip lining, provide links to the zip line web page) This helps others to have the same experience as you did! 
    3. What should someone with a disability know about your destination and the activities you participated in? 
  5. Include a few photos (no more than 10) jpg format attached to your email

    Guest Bloggers Welcome!

    Guest Bloggers Welcome!

  • Only original work will be accepted. Family-friendly (PG) material that is your own work.
  • I refuse to post any material that is offensive to any group or organization.
  • If you are simply wanting to use my blog as a free advertising space or to boost ranking through backlinks, it is not going to happen so don’t waste your time.

I reserve the right to refuse any submission I feel is unsuitable for my blog.

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