Route 66, hits the road!

Food trucks are all the buzz these days, drawing large crowds at food truck rallies.  The rally held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa boasts the largest gathering of Food Trucks in the US.

As much as I love the diversity of menu items at food truck rallies and the ability to eat whatever cuisine you desire, there has always been one drawback for me, eating outside while walking around! (don’t get me wrong, I love fair food too!)

The folks at Route 66 (Yummy Company) have the answer!  The Route 66 Trolly, a mobile catering, eat-in or takeout, food truck!

What an awesome idea, take the great American diner on the road!  I saw this beauty at the new Route 66 Diner in Hudson, Florida during one of their car shows this weekend.  I have posted several pictures from their previous shows in my blog post Route 66 Diner, cars, food, sun and fun!

I would have been remiss if I had not taken pictures of this gem at the same time. I have it on good authority, that you could have this food trolly cater your next event!  Just follow this link for more details… Route 66 Diner.


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  1. Bel

    Wow that’s pretty awesome! I have the same dilemma when I go buy food at food trucks – where do I sit? In my car? 😂

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