My personal weight loss story and AdvoCare Journey

My personal weight loss story and AdvoCare Journey

Many of you know me, some of you don’t but this blog post should catch both audiences up just a little! I have heard it said, and this could be said of any goal, that “you can’t do it for anyone else, and succeed.” You must want it for yourself. Goals have to be personal and let’s face it, they must be realistic! When it comes to weight loss, it took me my entire life to get to 273 pounds that I was, just one short year ago!  The weight didn’t come overnight, and it was not going to just surrender and disappear overnight!  

My share of excuses

Well yes, like everyone else, I had my own set of excuses.  My disability for one.  It slowed me down and at sometimes, made me come to a complete stop.  

When I went to the doctor, well let’s face it, every time I went to the doctor, he would always tell me “you need to lose weight.”  I would ask for suggestions and he would say, “eat better” and “stop eating junk!”  Well, first off I do not eat junk food.  I actually do not care for “fast food restaurants” and I steer away from them. You won’t find me at McD’s eating a Big “whatever!” Second of all, I really didn’t eat much at all.  

I would start the day with a couple of cups of coffee, I might eat lunch, some days.  And, if Denise was not working her night job, I would fix us dinner.  If not, I would snack on cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers.  If I ate 1200 calories a day, I would be amazed.  On Sundays, when Denise is off, I would cook us breakfast.

So, I started my own “diet” of sorts…

I would have my coffee in the morning, with just a little sweet cream.  Throughout the day, I began to carry a water bottle and drink water, often.  Sometimes I would have a Gatorade or PowerAid and sometimes a diet soda.  (although, I detest diet soda.).  I would have meat and cheese roll-ups for lunch and leave out the crackers or bread. My evening meals remained the same, dependant on whether I was alone or if Denise was home for dinner.  And, over the course of time, I began to lose weight 23# but it took me almost a year to do it!  

That mirror, don’t lie!

This past September we took a trip to Tennessee.  We love to travel, that’s really what this blog is all about.  Our travels.  As an amputee, I face a certain set of difficulties that others do not.  But, on September 30th when I looked in the mirror, I knew, there could be no more excuses. 

Hiking down the mountain to see the waterfalls, down 375 steps was a trip in itself. It was beautiful and well worth it, but, hiking back up those 375 steps I thought would kill me.  These are things that I love to do, travel and get out into nature.  These are things that I could not do, or at least do with any sense of enjoyment, because of my weight!  Not, because of my handicap.

My AdvoCare Journey

It turns out that not eating can be your enemy when it comes to weight loss!  Who knew?

Your body needs food that it can turn into energy, to burn fat.  A Facebook friend had been sharing his success.  He is a double amputee and had been on the AdvoCare 24 day challenge and was not only able to drop weight, but also keep it off.

There is no secret to achieving your weight and lifestyle goals. The most effective weight loss journeys have resulted from commitment and consistency to a balanced diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle changes for the long-term. – A Roadmap to Weight Loss Success, Leanne Redman, Ph.D. FTOS

I started my AdvoCare 24 day challenge

On October 7th, I officially started my 24-Day Challenge.   Over the course of those 24 days, I took the vitamins and supplements, and what has turned out to be the turning point for me, I started eating better and more often.  

I start each day with a few supplements, followed by a breakfast with protein and/or complex carbs to fuel my day.  Eat a healthy snack around 10, eat a healthy lunch and repeat for the afternoon snack and dinner!  My first thought, “how could I lose weight eating more?” But, I did.  I have lost 9 pounds (and 4″ inches around my waist) in the last 24 days and I have more energy throughout my day!  

And, even better, I am sleeping better at night.  Falling to sleep had always been a problem for me and when I did fall asleep, I would wake up several times during the night.

So, where are you in your goals?

I am starting a new 24 Day Challenge group soon and would like to find 5-10 friends who would like to join in!

If you need help jump-starting your weight loss plan or if you would like to have more energy throughout the day, then we should talk! There are many ways to get started and they all start with you!

You don’t have to watch my weight loss and AdvoCare journey from the sidelines… Click here for more information and to take your first steps!

No more excuses for me.

I am down to 231 pounds (July 2016, 2273#).  My goal weight is 200 pounds.  So join me, let’s work together to meet our goals and celebrate our victories! Want to follow my AdvoCare Journey? Click here!


When you commit to making a lifestyle change, it provides a foundation for making improved, healthier choices over the long-term.The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, grains and smaller amounts of added sugar and sodium. As you look to make healthier changes to your diet, make sure to add in food sources rich in dietary fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids—and don’t forget to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals! – A Roadmap to Weight Loss Success, Leanne Redman, Ph.D. FTOS

All photographs in this post were taken by the author, Bill McQueen, amateur photographer, food enthusiast and sometimes traveler.

Let me share with you the most important thing I have discovered.  Where ever you go, whatever you see, share it with others!  Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses, to share a smile with a stranger, a meal with friends and build memories together that will last a lifetime!


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