River Ride with Island Paradise Charters

When it comes to Florida sunshine…

One of the best places to experience it is on the water!  Denise and I discovered Island Paradise Charters a few years back.  They offer an affordable way to experience the beauty of Florida on the water.  Island Paradise Charters can take you on an Adventure Cruise, a Special Event Cruise or our favorite, a Cookout Cruise to the sand bar! This experience begins with a beautiful river ride to the open Gulf waters.mr-bills-travel-blog-island-paradise

There are many things to see on the river ride, from the beautiful homes with the colorfully decorated docks to the wildlife that plays on and in the  Florida waters.

Some of the homes really get into “setting the scene.” 

Be sure to check out Island Paradise Charters Facebook Page here or their web page http://www.islandparadisecharters.com for cruising details!  They offer Events Cruises, Adventure Cruises, and Cookout cruises, just to name a few.  There is even a special on their website for $20.oo Monday Fun Day Cruises!

There is just something relaxing and peaceful about a boat ride.  Especially on a beautiful day like this with bright blue skies and calm water!  Captain Bob plays island music on the ride to get you in the mood and before long you will find yourself immersed in the scene, dancing and relaxing and enjoying the total experience.


Denise, relaxing and enjoying the ride to the sand bar on Island Paradise Charters

One of the things I enjoy is reading the names of the boats.  They range from clever twists on phrases to the down right funny!

Handicap Access on Island Paradise Charters

There is a privy on board the vessel, and it is a flat deck pontoon boat so, it is pretty easy to navigate around.  There is plenty of seating room onboard and it’s completely covered, keeping your exposure to the hot Florida sun minimal until you are ready for it!  

If you can walk with a cane or slightly assisted, this cruise is good for you.  The Captain and his first mate, load and store your gear aboard, help you to board and get comfortable. When you arrive at the sand bar, Captain Bob deploys the ramp to access the island fun.  Both Captain Bob and his first mate, help you on and off the vessel safely.     

Your only job aboard the Island Paradise Charter is to relax and have fun. After all, that’s what you are there for, right?  

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