If 8 to 10 seconds were to define you, what will they say?


Do you remember that saying, “you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do?” Well, today is one of those days and so my post will be a bit out of the norm.

I am, a self-proclaimed digital nomad, working where ever the WIFI signal is strongest. I’m not really a nomad, yet.  But those of you who follow my blog, know that I like to travel whenever the opportunity presents itself. Today, the opportunity did not present itself and so, I am “working!”

I am a recruiting consultant, currently working with two small boutique recruiting firms, The LRJ Group, specializing in Life Sciences and Ascend IT staffing, specializing in placing IT professionals.

As a recruiter, I see thousands of resumes every year. I read just as many, if not more, of your online profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice and others.  We live in the digital age, where we define ourselves by what we post online on our social media accounts. Defining ourselves in our resumes is the topic of today’s discussion.

Mainly, I see two different types of resumes.  The “cut and dry” resume, telling you nothing at all. And, the “verbose” resume, telling you everything from your childhood, to present day and everything in between!

Did you know that “the average time spent by recruitment managers for analyzing a resume is 5 to 7 seconds?”  by  Mr. Oompfh… Interesting Facts about Interviews, Job-seeking and Resumes!, from  7/1/2015.   Even if they spent 30 seconds, is my resume formatted in a way that is informative and enticing to the reader?

Is there a specific length a resume should be? The best answer I have heard so far, I found in an article by Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert.   “A resume should be long enough to entice hiring managers to call you for job interviews.”  I know, a “little vague” but brilliant. After all, is that not the goal of our resume?

On a personal level, I tend to lean between the “cut and dry” and the “verbose”, knowing that there is a happy medium. One of the many articles I have read suggested writing the verbose and then, as I would say “surgically” editing it!  Yes, we need the basics, where you worked and the “from-until” dates. Go beyond that and, in a few brief bullet points, describe your position, in brief, descriptive terms.

Did you know that having an unprofessional email address or photo on your resume increase the chances that it will be discarded without further thought!  Take 10 seconds, go to Google or Yahoo and create a new “personalized and professional” email address!

Yes, you can keep your funny, witty or flirtatious emails for your personal emails (although, you should know that 93% of the recruiters say that they are likely to look at a candidate’s social media behavior). I can’t tell you how many people use a business email address, from their previous employer, on their resume! That email I just sent to you with new and exciting job possibilities, just went to your old boss and, might I add, he is not the one looking for a new job!

Update your resumes often!  Phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, positions, and well you get the idea. I almost forgot, use spell check, grammar check, proofread, let someone else proofread!  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  I know I am!

The bottom line is that we are not all writers.  There are hundreds of articles on how to write the perfect resume.  Do your own research and find out what works for you.  But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is getting that job.  So do your research and if necessary, admit to yourself that resume writing is not your strong suite! 

There are so many companies out there that will help you build not just a resume, but an entire online portfolio.  Companies such as Ace Your Interview, offer resumes written https://aceyourinterview.com/by Certified Professional Résumé Writers. (Yes, that is a real thing.)  And, they offer other services such as a “LinkedIn Boost Service” and “professional search engine optimization.”  (This is not a paid advertisement, but if you use their service, tell Victoria that I sent you!)

Here is a little tip that could help out as well, make sure your social media sites and digital resumes match the written resumes you present to the hiring manager. I have lost candidates, that were qualified for positions because their LinkedIn accounts said one thing and their resumes another!

In the end, there are companies who sole purpose is to make you succeed.  It’s that simple, it really is.

And, on that note, I think I will give Liz King and Craig Caruso at Level Up Digital Group a call.  They specialize in branding, social media marketing, and website development. I know when I need help!  Not to mention, (although, I am) by letting someone else help me with my resumes and websites,  it frees me up to do what I do best!  (now, if I can only figure out what that is!)

Remember if you are going to leave a digital imprint, make sure it’s a lasting one!

    -William McQueen







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  1. I always love when I get resume from people and they list the same work for every employer. Like you said few seconds and that’s it I move on.. I also love when you ask for a special skill and they just add it to the end of the list and then copy and pastes it to every job he ever had.. ( OK so you supported a version of software in 1995 but that software was not developed till 2005 )
    I try to keep mine to the important things, work related skills in a nice table ( in IT its mostly 3 to 5 letter acronyms anyway ) then who I worked for and a broad description of my duties.
    My favorite interview were when the person you interviewed was not the person that was hired and showed up for work. After the 2nd mishap I insisted on Skype Interviews.

  2. It seems as if some candidates have mulitpule personalities. One shows up in our sessions, another one on skype and then sometimes a third one will show it’s ugly head during the interview that really counts! Thanks for reading and following my blog! Happy Trails! – Bill

  3. angyjenks

    I never could do a resume.. I always found it hard to do.. but I found your post very interesting..

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