Crazy Shirts, be origional. Be Crazy!

Crazy Shirts

So we were in Sarasota and stumbled on Crazy Shirts!  What an awesome eclectic little t-shirt shop.  But, they sell more than just shirts, that is just the name! 

The Crazy Shirts, we visited, is located at 359 St. Armand’s Circle, Sarasota, Florida 34236! Or, like I like to say, available online 24/7/365!

What makes Crazy Shirts stand apart?

Well, it could be that they use things like coffee to naturally dye the design into the shirt.  Yes, coffee!  And, yes you can even smell the coffee! The shirt below says “just add coffee!” but, you don’t have too, they already have!  LOL

Crazy Shirts is known for offering exceptional quality and craftsmanship which are the hallmarks of the brand today. We have cultivated years of experience and refined our expertise in product research and development to continue to deliver the unique and original products that stand the test of time. We pioneered original products and fabrics, such as our “specialty dyed” (including Kona coffee, Volcanic ash, Blue Hawaii Curacao liqueur and many others) and the very popular “Hydro-print” board shorts and shirts that change design when wet. The powerful combination of fit, form and fun has propelled Crazy Shirts to the top of the highly competitive world of retail apparel. 


About Us (Crazy Shirts)

Crazy Shirts legacy began in 1964, when Rick Ralston founded one of the first companies in the world to sell modern “T-shirt” using distinctive designs that reflect the exuberant Island lifestyle. Ralston set-up shop on a Waikiki sidewalk charging $5 to airbrush monsters, hot rods and surfing scenes on T-shirts. Purchased by Only the Best, Inc. in 2001, our brand has evolved into an internationally recognized casual apparel brand. Now in its 51st year,we have expanded to include hundreds of unique products, 36 retail store locations throughout California, Nevada, Florida, Hawaii and Colorado. An ever growing direct-mail catalog and ecommerce business, as well as wholesale and even custom order. Over all of these years, our guiding principals have remained unchanged: Crazy Shirts commitment to the finest quality apparel and superior customer service. Crazy Shirts remains fanatically commitment to the finest quality apparel, exclusive artwork and superior customer service.

We love to browse and read the funny shirts!

And, some realistic ones like “will sell  husband for wine!” and “Beer, ask your doctor if it is right for you!” LOL

I’m not clowning around

Okay, maybe I am! But, not when it comes to this being a fun and affordable shop and a place I am sure you are going to enjoy browsing!

For my Handi-Capable friends, this store is on the ground floor and handicap accessible.  The aisles are clear and the employees are friendly and ready to help you find just what you are looking for. And, they love to tell you how the designs are printed, just ask!

Be sure to check out their website.

The have sale items at huge discounts (new markdowns from 50% and further reductions to 70%) as well as a complete listing of all of their products! Some of the above quotes were taken directly from their web page.  Be sure to check out the videos on beer, coffee, and chili-dyed Tees!

Let me share with you the most important thing I have discovered.  Where ever you go, whatever you see, share it with others!  Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses, to share a smile with a stranger, a meal with friends and build memories together that will last a lifetime!

Have a fun place you want us to visit?  Let us know!  Contact Mr. Bill & Denise!

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