The Chew!

Of course, we picked one of the coldest days of our visit to get tickets, but hey, it was worth it to rub elbows with the likes of Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Daphne Oz, Michael Symon and producer Gordon Elliott! (well, we didn’t actually get to rub elbows, but we were in the same room, and we got to shake hands with Chef Michael Symon after the show!)

Dude wake up! The light turned green!

I kid you not, I mean you can’t make this stuff up! I actually had to wake him up when one of the lights changed! If you have ever driven or been to NYC, you know that green lights are like gold, and hard to come by well green lights without stopped traffic in the middle of the street blocking your way, or pedestrians walking into traffic (taking their lives into their own hands!) not to mention, although I am, the horn signals (a story for another day) and here we are with a clear street and a green light and our driver, asleep at the wheel!

Dr. Who?

Denise and I took a day trip to this years Tampabay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI this past weekend. And, do you know who we saw there? Dr. Who? of course!

I am the only one who thinks that it was kind of ironic that I was leaning up against a “time machine” with Dr. Who, while I was wearing an “I can freeze time” t-shirt?

The wise old owl once said…

The wise old owl once said…
How would I know? I don’t speak owl! “who0” am I kidding your just lucky I didn’t start singing… (ok, now you made me do it!) “who, who are you?”

We discovered this magnificent creature just hanging out at Denise’s parents home. He was just sitting there, as still as could be, not bothered by the gawking humans “who” were rambling on relentlessly about never seeing an owl during the daylight hours!

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