MelaMount for the iPad Pro

From Nikon to the iPad Pro for me and why.

It was about that time when I decided that it was time to downsize and consolidate. I needed a setup that was lighter in weight and more portable, these things would make it easier to use and in the end, make it possible to shoot more pics and video.

The result, I switched to the iPad Pro, with a MelaMount and detachable lenses. Now, I can shoot photos or videos and have the convenience of having one device with internet access.

The truth be told…

I mostly live vicariously through the photographs that I have taken in the past. I probably have had more road trips and vacations in the last 8 years than I have in my entire life. I owe that to Denise, she has brought out and enabled me to become, the Wanderer that I am. We love to travel together when we can and do so as often as possible.

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