An amateur photographer, with his first real DSLR, a train ticket and time to spare.

DSC_0376.JPGThe hustle and bustle of New York brought to a standstill with the click of the shutter. I should confess I have a super power, I can stop time!

This was my first trip to the city in almost 20 years (“unescorted”, free and ready to explore)!  And, what did I want to see first you ask?  The Market at Grand Central Station!  As an amateur chef, I have a passion for farm fresh ingredients for my dishes. What an awesome and exciting place to spend the afternoon.

Pictured below is Eli Zabar’s Farm To Table, in Grand Central Market. This freestanding fruit and vegetable market showcases Eli Zabar’s long-term commitment to the seasonal, organic, sustainable practices of farmers in the tri-state area. To ensure customers have what they want and need every day, produce managers select fruits, vegetables, and flowers from established vendors around the United States, South America, and the world.


Eli Zabar’s Farm To Table (June 2015)

The photo below is a small sampling of what awaits you at Murray’s Cheese, also in the Grand Central Market!  I have it from a reliable source that Murray’s Cheese offers more than 250 types of cheese from all over the world!  If you are a cheese lover like I am, you will be pleased to know that their cheesemongers are thrilled to satisfy your cravings by way of attentive one-on-one service, complete with free tastes before you buy!


Murray’s Cheese

One can never forget… the amazing variety of seafood including lobster, caviar, an assortment of smoked items and a host of chef-created meals at Pescatore Seafood assortment of smoked items and a host of chef-created meals at Pescatore Seafood Co.


Pescatore Seafood Co. (June 2015)

And, for the meat lovers in you…. fresh, hand cut meats!  The ribeye (my favorite cut) looked like it would just melt in your mouth, thick cut and ready to grill!



The photos in the marketplace actually still today, make my mouth water and bring back realistic memories that of smells that wafted through the air that day.


Spices & Tease (June 2105)

Let me share with you the most important thing I have discovered… where ever you go, whatever you see, share it with others!  Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses, to share a smile with a stranger, a meal with friends and build memories together that will last a lifetime!

On a final note.  Please remember “variety is the spice of life!”

All photographs in this post were taken by the author, Bill McQueen, amateur photographer, food enthusiast and sometimes traveler.

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