Amy Purdy’s life changing story!

Amy Purdy, keynote speaker, amputee, snowboarder!


Amy Purdy, Paralympics Photoshoot

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Amy Purdy at the Professional Photographers of America Convention, in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was the keynote speaker.  I still had my leg at that time, but after a lifetime of pain and dealing with my disability, her story touched my heart.  Now, as an amputee, I want to share that story with others.  A story of despair and of overcoming and achieving new highs!

If I could buy a copy for every amputee in America, I would!  

But, I cannot and so, I feel that this is the best way for me to share Amy’s life changing story with others.  I have set up this AMAZON GIVEAWAY and the rules are very simple and no purchase is required. We will be giving away two copies of Amy Purdy’s “On my own two feet, from loosing my legs to learning to dance the dance of life” on or before June 7th!  

So click the link below to enter, it’s FREE

Amy Purdy, who inspired a nation on Dancing with the Stars and has been called a hero by Oprah Winfrey, reveals the intimate details of her triumphant comeback from the brink of death to making history as a Paralympic snowboarder.

In this poignant and uplifting memoir, Dancing With the Stars sensation Amy Purdy reveals the story of how losing her legs led her to find a spiritual path. When the Las Vegas native was just nineteen, she contracted bacterial meningitis and was given less than a two percent chance of survival. In a near-death experience, she saw three figures who told her: “You can come with us, or you can stay. No matter what happens in your life, it’s all going to make sense in the end.” In that moment, Amy chose to live.

Her glimpse of the afterlife—coupled with a mysterious premonition she’d had a month before —became the defining experiences that put Amy’s life on a new trajectory after her legs had to be amputated. She wouldn’t just beat meningitis and walk again; she would go on to create a life filled with bold adventures, big dreams, and boundless vitality—and share that spirit with the world. In 2014, Amy—the only competitor, male or female, with two prosthetic legs—claimed a bronze medal for the U.S. Paralympic team in adaptive snowboarding. She then became a contestant on season eighteen of Dancing With the Stars, and viewers were captivated as the girl with bionic legs managed to out-dance her competitors all the way to the finale.

Amy’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity we all have to dream bigger, defy expectations, and rewrite our stories. Amy was given a second chance for a reason—to use her life to inspire others. Her powerful memoir urges us to live life to the fullest because we are all a lot more capable than we could ever imagine.

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Please share this post with your readers, it would mean the world to me, to put this book in the hands of someone who might be inspired to overcome the obstacles they may face in their lives today.



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