A little bite to "Chew" on!

Denise and I are taking a ride on the train to Grand Central Station, in NYC this morning!

Let me say first, I grew up in Western New York, in snow country! (I was there, as a kid for the great blizzard on 1978, 100 plus inches of snow, and one of the few times we enjoyed a snow day from school!) I have lived in Florida since 1988, and so, this 37-degree morning in New York is quite the wake-up call!

This was an unusual but most welcome sign inside the shelter on the train platform!  Denise of course just had to push it! LOL

Let me say that pushing that button while you have 14 layers of clothing on, is not a wise thing! The button was not just an evil ruse and performed exceedingly well! So much so, that I needed to remove a layer or two!

We are off now, enjoying the train ride into the city, on our way to a taping of the “Chew“!

Have a grand day my friends and stay tuned for updates from NYC!


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